Timekeeper Application 2023/2024 (Thorold Amateur Athletic Association)

Timekeeper Application 2023/2024
Timekeepers must be a minimum of thirteen (13) years of age to assist in TAAA games. Upon acceptance, new timekeepers will be required to attend a training program (group/individual) . This position requires considerable commitment by the timekeeper and if under age eighteen (18), their parent/guardian also. Requirements include: punctuality, attendance at all assignments, knowledge of rules and procedures, game sheet accuracy, neat printing and timing device operation. Of note: Arenas can be cold, shifts may be long, and spectators and participants can be emotional. You will also be required to keep your availability up to date out timekeep co-ordinator .

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  1. Disclaimer and Signature:

    I understand that being a timekeeper is a serious role in minor hockey that impacts the players, coaches, officials, and spectators of the game, and will perform the role as such.  This includes being prepared before the game, working with the referees, understanding how to fill out a game sheet, and giving the game on the ice my full, undivided attention.

    I acknowledge that a condition of receiving assignments is my availability and I am required to make my services available for a reasonable amount of time each month when games are taking place.

    I accept that I may be required to work games early Saturday and Sunday mornings (as early as 8:00am) on a consistent basis, and that games assigned to me during times that I declared as "available" and/or games accepted by me are my responsibility. 
  2. I realize that I may be called for One game only to time keep . Depending on the Schedules.

    I accept that a parent/guardian listed above will be contacted for all applicants under the age of 18 years.
  3. I have read the Time Keeper Job Position posted on the TAAA and understand my role and duties .TimeClock_Job_Description_2022

  4. Please mote:  Submission of this application form does NOT guarantee a timekeeping position.  All successful applicants will be contacted via the email address supplied above.