Coaching Application 2024/2025 (Thorold Amateur Athletic Association)

Coaching Application 2024/2025
I agree to the following terms and conditions;

1.  Familiarize myself with, and abide by, the policies of the Thorold Amateur Athletic Association (TAAA);
2.  Upgrade my credentials as requested by the TAAA and OMHA;
3.  Attend all Coaches meetings scheduled by the TAAA;
4.  Comply with the Constitution: and Bylaws of the TAAA OMHA, and the NDHL & NDLL League documents.
5.  I understand that any proposed Bench Staff may be subject to TAAA Board approval.
6.  I understand that myself and all Bench Staff must have supplied up to date: Police Vulnerable Sector Check
    ,Complete all qualifications as set out in the OMHA Coaching qualifications guide.
     No Staff will be allowed to be rostered or on the bench without these qualifications : Must be
     completed in guideline provided by Registrar
I understand that only registered participants and staff may be allowed on the ice surface during
     TAAA ice time allocations (if not a bench staff - participant must be pre approved by TAAA .
     Fill out an on ice volunteer form and supply at their own expense Police Vulnerable Sector Check,
     $50.00 insurance premium charge by the OMHA ) 

In addition, I understand that completing a coaching application for the TAAA does not ultimately guarantee myself a coaching position with the TAAA

By checking the "I agree to the terms and conditions stated above" button, I agree that as a Head Coach I am responsible for ALL team activities and items that occur throughout the hockey season.

If you require a copy of any of the above mentioned documentation, policies, or guidelines, please ask and we (the coaching committee) will provide you with said document before signing and accepting the Head Coaching position.

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